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The Itoora Peace Game is a roleplaying simulation game intended for use in university classrooms and training exercises for soldiers and humanitarian workers.

Players take on the roles of combatants, humanitarian workers, diplomats, and peacekeepers in a fictional Civil War centering around the city of Itoora. The game is played in Diplomacy-like rounds of negotiation followed by orders. Players are bound in the scope of their orders by their playbooks, which detail the actions that are possible and give some guidance on how to play each faction. Games are meant to be played either in 3-4 hour bursts or asynchronously (in the Diplomacy play-by-post style) over the course of roughly a week, playing a single turn each day. 

The game is currently in development; the rules packet is missing important guidance for facilitators which makes the game effectively impossible to run. I offer the files as a preview for those looking to understand the game in general. 


Peace Game Rules Packet v0.1.zip 1 MB


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It's great.

hope to see a more complete, runnable version later